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We are the SHINE doctors: Dr. Penny Seth-Smith (in Victoria) & Dr. Ruth Anne Baron (in Toronto).


Almost 30 years ago, our lifetime friendship formed during 5000 hours of naturopathic training at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. We both have thriving private practices but live thousands of miles apart. We inspire each other, work well as a team, and enjoy learning together.


After attending a conference we took a day to enjoy each other’s company, walk on a beach, and catch up. We spent our time talking about our experiences with patients, lessons learned and everything new and exciting in natural medicine, because that is our passion.


Now we want to share our insider conversations with you! We want to help you SHINE!


We work with the inherent wisdom of the body and witness profound results in patients. Our body of knowledge, collected over 25 years of practice, distilled down to core truths that are relevant and accessible, is what the SHINE health project is all about.

Are you healthy and want to stay that way?

Are you feeling a little rough with the slow creep of uncomfortable symptoms?

Are you dealing with a serious health issue and could benefit from every bit of help you can get?


The SHINE Health Project is for you!

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