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  • What’s different about SHINE Health?
    It’s fun! Living healthier doesn’t mean no taste, no fun, or feeling deprived! Get inspired to develop new habits that are: - easy - tasty - enjoyable - good for you - good for the planet Share your learning with friends and family and know it comes from a reliable source.
  • How long are the courses?
    Each Building Health Masterclass has multiple sessions. Each session lasts approximately 30 minutes, to enjoy at your own pace. Each Masterclass includes self-assessments, check-lists and suggested actions you can incorporate into your daily life. The Health Blueprint includes two virtual visits with a Naturopathic Doctor, and a functional medicine lab test.
  • Does my access to the course expire?
    Yes, you have access to each course for 6 months from the date of purchase.
  • Is this information applicable to everybody?
    Almost! We all have a lot in common, though some courses are gender-specific. Our courses are appropriate for adults and teens.
  • If I have a preexisting health condition, can I benefit from the course?
    In our experience, everyone can find a path to achieve better health. The information in the Building Health Masterclass is true for everyone. If you need individualized attention consider choosing the Health Blueprint which provides more one-on-one guidance, or consult your family doctor.
  • Should I consult my family doctor before taking the course?
    Certainly, if you wish. A well-informed patient who is proactive about their health is always welcome in any doctor’s office.
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