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Fatty Liver: The Epidemic No One Knows About

Updated: Jan 31

fatty liver checklist

Nearly two billion people worldwide have Fatty Liver, and many have no idea they have it! Fatty liver is becoming a major health problem in North America, in fact it is the fastest growing medical condition we are facing this decade. One third of people over fifty have it, and it is quite possible you may have it, even if you have not been diagnosed. In the last twenty years, it has even been reported in children as young as ten! If you can check any of these boxes, your liver could really benefit from some help: · Feel tired and sluggish all the time

· Have brain-fog and poor concentration

· Have high cholesterol & high triglycerides, whether or not you are on cholesterol medication

· Carry extra weight, especially on the belly

· Experience irregular bowel movements

· Have been told you have insulin resistance, prediabetes or diabetes

· Regularly consume alcohol

· Drink pops and other sweetened beverages regularly

Fatty liver is common in people who eat processed food, too much sugar, junk food, and lead a stressful but sedentary life. But other factors also contribute to this problem, so even people with a fairly healthy diet and lifestyle can have this diagnosis. The good news is the liver is a resilient organ and has remarkable regenerative properties. With appropriate action, fatty liver can be reversed! In the SHINE Liver Masterclass we explain the 5 critical action steps that have been shown to reverse fatty liver in as little as 6 months in many cases. The liver is one of the most important organs of the body. It is a giant filter, removing toxins like alcohol, food preservatives and chemicals from your blood. But you might not know everything your liver does for you, and how critical it is for your health, mood, mind and even your appearance!

  • The liver produces bile, which aids in digestion and elimination

  • It metabolizes all the proteins, carbohydrates and fats you consume, and helps keep your weight under control

  • It manufactures cholesterol

  • It stabilizes blood sugar

  • It regulates hormones that affect your energy and mood

  • It helps your skin and eyes appear clear and vibrant

Your liver performs over 500 different functions, but if the liver starts to store fat in the liver cells, these cells can no longer do their job properly. A fatty liver is an unhealthy liver that is literally clogged with fat, which can lead to liver inflammation. Ultimately this inflammation can cause damage and scarring, known as cirrhosis, which we usually think of as a problem of alcoholics. Fatty liver, in medical terms, is called NASH, which stands for Non-Alcoholic Steato (meaning fat) Hepatitis. And it’s a serious diagnosis if not addressed. You might think that fatty liver is caused by too much fat in the diet, but you would be wrong! It turns out that if you radiolabel dietary fat (don’t try this at home!), only a relatively small percentage of it ends up in the liver. Sugars are a major driver of fatty liver, particularly one form of sugar, called high fructose corn syrup, or HFCS. This has become the preferred sweetener in food processing but was unheard of until it entered food production in the 1970s. Now it is in virtually all processed foods made in North America, like sauces, dressings, canned soups, ketchup, bakery goods, and especially soda pop. Ever notice “healthy” soda pop brands advertising that they are made with cane sugar? This is because cane sugar is considered the lesser of two evils, when compared to HFCS! We strongly encourage anyone with fatty liver to dramatically reduce their intake of processed foods, sweetened drinks, fast food, sugary treats and especially high fructose corn syrup. This is an important and powerful first step. In addition, reduce alcohol and refined carbohydrates like white flour. Increase your consumption of vegetables in the broccoli and cabbage family. These contain specific nutrients that help the liver. Of course you can’t ever go wrong with eating more fruits and veggies, lean meats, legumes and whole grains, all in their pure, natural, unprocessed state. The food we eat really is the best medicine, and we take that medicine three times a day! Make every bite count. Check out our eBook with five days’ worth of healthy, tasty recipes without sugar or processed ingredients.

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