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THE MANY BENEFITS Of detoxification

Updated: Jan 29

Our bodies have many natural and complex detoxification pathways, but with the increased toxic exposure we face in today’s world, these pathways can become overwhelmed and overburdened. Many studies indicate that healthy detoxification is an important contributor to optimal health, and the function of your liver is key for this. Here are some of the many benefits you may notice from supporting your detox pathways:

Better Energy Levels: Got that sluggish feeling? This can be the result of excess toxins stored up in the body. Eliminating stored toxins can increase energy and keep you going strong.

Easier Weight Loss: Toxins are stored in our fat cells! The body has stashed them away in an area that is not very metabolically active. Detoxification helps with long-term weight management by removing the toxins that are currently interfering with normal metabolism, including thyroid function, making it easier to lose weight. Many toxins are stored in our fat cells. The body has stashed them away in an area that is not very metabolically active. A detox program works to access and eliminate both the circulating and stored toxic burdens.

Reduced Inflammation: Supporting the liver, kidneys and lymphatics helps to mobilize inflammatory toxins that contribute to a wide range of problems. Many people notice less stiffness, pain and irritation after a detox. (More about the lymphatic system coming up soon.)

Healthier Looking Skin: Diet and environmental toxins undeniably affect the skin. By supporting the liver in the removal of free radicals, heavy metals and other toxins, the skin will look healthier, clearer, smoother and more vital.

Improved Hormonal Balance: The liver is the master organ for clearing both the hormones we make, and the hormone-like chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis. Whether you are on a hormonal roller coaster with every period or concerned about the health of your hormonally-sensitive reproductive organs, regular detox can make a huge difference.

Better Immunity: After a detox program, your body will have better digestive and lymphatic function, both of which are key to a strong immune system.

Brighter Mood: Toxins can affect brain function! Most people notice better sleep, clearer thought and more positive energy after a detox program.

Want to enjoy all these benefits and start feeling better? Learn how to help your liver, every day! Join us for the Liver Masterclass at Shine Academy to learn more about all the wonderful functions of your liver, including a deep dive into detoxification!

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